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LED lighting,pros vs cons(advice from an electrician/contractor/homeowner)

LED = (light -emitting diodes) lamps are not new but you can buy bubs that are LED to replace compact fluorescent and also standard incandescent.


  1. Led light bulbs last up to 10 times longer than cfl, up 50,000 hours.
  2. They do not contain Mercury.
  3. LED does not generate as much heat as cfl or incandescent .
  4. Less watts consumed :5-7watts LED puts out 60 watts of light  compared to cfl 13 to 15 watt and incandescent is at 60 watts.
  5. They turn on instantly  unlike cfls .
  6. LED is more durable and there isnt any damage from average handling


  1. LEDS are not cheap $20 -$120
  2. LED produce less lumens per watt
  3. Provide less ambient light from a single led bulb

LED bulbs are best in recessed and track lights ,where directional light is the goal. prices will get lower and will be the most cost effective ways to save money and to save energy!!!